Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wet and Wild on the NWC!

The Karen Lynn was out this morning at the bank with Rick Wise and his group. It was hard fishing today with NE winds gusting to 25 knots and steep sea's really building in the earlier afternoon. Only a couple of other boats were out including Captain Tim Brady on the Fulmar who was fishing through the pain!

As soon as we got to the bank we flooded our ballast tanks and the extra 5000 lbs of water settled the boat down so we could troll in relative comfort. Rick and his buddies hung tough and by 9:00 AM we starting getting into fish and ended up hooking 4, including a nice 58" fish we took, and tagging 2 which wasn't easy today. Gilad (from the Large Pelagic Lab) somehow was able to take his tissue and blood samples and extract gonads from the fish in a very impressive display of balance and agility. The ride home in confused sea's with the tide running hard was not fun, but we were just happy we were in the 15 ton Karen Lynn and not with the really wacko guys in the 23' Grady White!


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