Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Weekend at the Bank

We had two tuna charters this weekend and trolled at the bank successfully both days.

Saturday was just one of those awesome days where we had a slow early morning but after a very helpful call from Nat of First Light, we made a move and soon after started hooking up. We ended up Saturday hooking ten fish trolling, bringing six to the boat. Our clients were an assortment of Boston Restaurant people and the group had originally included the sushi chef from the very high end new Boston restaurant "Oya". Unfortunately the sushi master had to cancel at the last minute. Most of the fish were in the 45"-60" range with our last one being an absolutely beautiful 65-70" very round and fat fish which we released at the boat. Our group had a lot of fun and they were planning a big sushi party for many of their friends tonight at Oya.

Today, we took out another well know Boston chef/owner and his family, Steve DeFillipo of Davio's restaurant and others. We got a very late start and didn't get to the bank until 10:15 AM but apparently we had missed much. With clear skies and a very full moon last night, there was not much of a bite this morning. We heard much frustration on the radio. We hung in there for the tide change and then trolled up another very fat fish which was about 100+ #'s. Steve's 18 year old son fought the fish for 40 minutes on a 2 speed 50 and we couldn't understand why it took so long to boat the fish until we opened up the stomach and found to our surprise that there was absolutely nothing in it! With all the bait around and the moon that was the last thing we expected. BFT with empty stomach's always run really hard and can be difficult to get up to the top. Steve and his family were really excited about catching their first BFT.

We are back out tomorrow with another group of regular First Light customers who are experienced fly and light tackle guys, but are excited about giving Tuna a try.

We will try to do an update tomorrow night.

Jim and Collin
Karen Lynn Charters


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