Monday, June 23, 2008

Tuna Trip Saturday June 21st-slow bite

We pushed off the dock at 3:00 AM with Christian Bilodeau and his small group from central Mass. We headed right back to the Northwest Corner at had line is the water trolling by first light. We found that the bite had slowed down since Wednesday and we had the added disadvantage of well over a hundred boats trolling a couple of square miles. About 6:00 AM we got a call from another captain to get right up on the bank a couple of miles down and we immediately started marking tuna and huge balls of bait. After one knockdown we hooked a nice fish on a squid rig and had a good fight before we were able to gaff and tail rope it. The BFT was in the hundred pound range and after trolling for another couple of hours we had some grilled tuna steak and headed in. Christian and his group went home tired and happy with many tuna steaks. We will be back out this week and hopefully with a wind shift and 90% less boat traffic the action will be great again.

Jim Ansara
Karen Lynn Charters


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