Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slow Tuna fishing at the NWC this week

We were out four days this past week, two days for Tuna and two Bass trips. As you know the Bank has been very slow with some school and giants caught in Cape Cod bay and off P-town. Yesterday Captain Collin went east after not seeing any signs of fish at the corner despite huge pods of bait and many whales and trolled out toward Wildcat Knoll without seeing any fish. We did mark some small to medium Tuna deep down, on the edge of the bank, on the sonar at first light. Even the Gloucester stick boats have been slow the past few days but we expect the fishing to heat up when we get a change in the wind and some cooler water onto the bank. Collin recorded temps as high as 68.5 degree's yesterday and saw the thermocline between 50-60'.

We have heard that there are some significant schools of fish (not sure what size) way to the east, out by Davis Swell and Sewell Ridge which is 100 NM east of Gloucester. Although these fish may be headed for Canada, with the abundance of bait and mackerel in the Gulf of Maine, that pattern might change. This may be too much wishful thinking, but this year's conditions are clearly different from the last five and we are still really excited about what could happen later in the summer and this fall. The fish that are here may settle in soon and really start feeding. Meanwhile, the Striper fishing continues to be excellent closer to shore and we are enjoying a brief respite from the dogfish infestation!

We are bass fishing early this week then we are headed to Martha's Vineyard for a charter for the Monster Shark Tournament. We will post a report when we are back in a week.

Stay Positive!
Jim and Collin


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